Natural and Organic Meats

The popularity of organically grown meat and produce is growing each year.  Organic food is often fresher.  It tastes better.  It’s better for the environment.  So maybe it’s time you looked at the facts and considered the healthier alternative.

Organic produce is grown using no synthetic pesticides and with only natural fertilizers.  Weeds and insects are also controlled naturally. Organic meats, dairy products and eggs are produced from animals fed organic feed and allowed access to the outdoors.  They also are not given antibiotics, hormones or medications except in the case of illness.

Organic foods also offer other advantages: they’re fresher because they don’t contain preservatives and often come from small, local farms.  And it’s better for the environment since the natural methods result in fewer chemicals polluting our soil and water.

Fewer chemicals, hormones and antibiotics in organic foods make them healthier.  But what matters even more to you and your family is that organic food tastes better!  Just educate yourself and shop wisely and you’ll be able to add healthy, delicious organics to your dinner table.

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